Service With A Smile

A lovely review written by Shaun Lowden and taken from the Grimsby Evening Telegraph

Could I nominate several people for Service with a Smile following my wifes 40th birthday st No 1 Kings Road Cleethorpes when we hired a group called Fuzion. What a great night. the staff at No 1 Kings road were fantastic from the day we booked to the end of the night itself. Fuzion and Close-Up Magician Steven Greenwood were awesome!. The mix of the ages for this party ranged from 14 to 80+ so we knew, or we thought we knew it would be difficult to keep everybody happy. At the start of the evening Steve performed Close-Up Magic and got people laughing and coming out of the “I don’t know any people” shell. Then Fuzion took to the stage. They were brilliant. By the end of the first spot everyone, regardless of age were singing and dancing to their music. we are left trying to work out when we can have another excuse for a celebration to do it again.
— Shaun Lowden