Customise Your Event


Every part of a wedding, party or special event takes a lot of planning down to the smallest detail. So its important that every aspect is just the way you want it.

The magic that Steven performs is catered entirely to your needs, but why not take it a step further.

Throughout the course of a performance cards and decks are signed and given out to the spectators and guests as impossible souvenirs of the magic they have just witnessed. So why not choose from a selection of cards that suits your event.

Below is a selection of the styles you can choose from to add that personal touch.

Bicycle Deck.png


The classic deck used by magicians all over the world.  Recognized everywhere for their distinctive Riderback card design, Lady Liberty Ace of Spades, and bicycle-riding King on the joker cards. Available in red and blue.


Known for their diamond backs, Bee playing cards have been featured in every casino or gambling based film you have ever seen.

Bee Deck.png

Noc Deck.png


Beautiful minimalistic design which really make your guests signatures and messages pop. The deck has a striking back with a solid bar of colour and a thin white border.

This deck comes in a wide variety of different colours.