Wedding Entertainer Steven Greenwood

MULTI-AWARD winning entertainment

Magician Steven Greenwood

close-up magician

Steven Greenwood

multi-award winning magician

Steven Greenwood

Close-Up Magician Steven Greenwood

Award Winning Entertainment

Voted winner of the Most Popular Magician in Lincolnshire by the Wedding Industry Experts, Steven is highly acclaimed as one of the most sought-after close-up magicians in the Lincolnshire region.

The exceptional quality and captivating magic that he performs take place up close and personal, without the need for smoke, mirrors, or flashy assistants. Steven's approach to magic is contemporary, characterized by a fast-paced, modern sleight-of-hand style that eschews traditional gimmicks like white rabbits or finger choppers. Audience participation is a key element of his performances, making everyone feel like an integral part of the spectacle.

Steven's self-contained show eliminates the necessity for elaborate stage setups or audio equipment, allowing him to seamlessly produce signed cards from unexpected locations, make coins vanish only to reappear in unconventional spots, extract thoughts directly from spectators' minds, and showcase mind-bending micro illusions using everyday objects with expert skill and cunning misdirection.

multi-award winning magician steven greenwood

Wedding Magician

Hiring a magician for your wedding has become an increasingly popular way to add that extra touch to an already special day. The magic that Steven performs is a great way to keep your guests entertained while providing the perfect icebreaker for bringing friends and family together.

Enchant your guests with moments of wonder during cocktail hour or entertain them at their tables between courses. Steven's magical performances are sure to create unforgettable memories on your wedding day.

Wedding Magician Steven Greenwood

Wedding Magic:

Steven Greenwood Wedding Magician

I. Photographs.

Even when accompanied by the world’s most talented photographer, this portion of your special day may encompass significant periods of waiting for your esteemed guests to arrive. During these interludes, Steven seizes the perfect chance to weave his charm, captivating and delighting your guests with his enthralling tricks and creating memorable photo opportunities that will be cherished for years to come.

II. During The Meal.

It is a common occurrence during a meal for everyone to be served at slightly different times, causing some guests to wait for the next course or for their tables to be cleared. In such moments, Steven excels at bridging these gaps and fostering interactions among groups of guests who may not have crossed paths before. As a result, conversations spark and effortlessly flow, enriched by shared experiences and newfound connections.

III. The Evening Reception.

When the ceremony and speeches come to a close, transitioning into the evening reception presents the perfect moment to unwind and enjoy. This is your chance to truly relax, bask in the joy of the occasion, and revel in the festivities. Let Steven's charisma and charm shine as he delights your guests with his exceptional talents, adding that special touch to conclude your day on a high note!

I watched Steven perform a card trick where the card I had chosen ended up in his mouth. I was amazed. how did he do that? you can’t catch him out...his tricks are awesome.

barbara lidgard

Amazed, Astonished and Obsessed. A little too obsessed some times, gets me excited like I’m a kid again

amy drakes
options group

Having seen Steven Greenwood working at close range he’s first class, the best I’ve seen by far. I have no hesitation recommending him for any occasion.

richard lyon
compass fm

Magic Live

Here are a couple of short videos of me performing live, taken from my YouTube channel.

Every part of a meticulously planned wedding, party or special event demands attention to the smallest detail.

Steven Greenwood Playing Cards

It is crucial that every element aligns with your vision. Steven customizes his magic to suit your requirements, but how about elevating the experience? During his mesmerizing performances, signed cards and decks are distributed to the audience as unforgettable mementoes of the enchanting magic they've experienced. Why not opt for a curated selection of cards that perfectly complements your event atmosphere?

Pricing & Packages

Clubs Package


1 hour of Close-Up Magic performed by Steven Greenwood.
Choice of playing cards used during the performance.

Hearts Package


2 hours of Close-Up Magic performed by Steven Greenwood.
A special trick is performed for the happy couple leaving them with an impossible souvenir.
Choice of playing cards used during the performance.

Diamond Package


3 hours of Close-Up Magic performed by Steven Greenwood.
A special trick is performed for the happy couple leaving them with an impossible souvenir.
Choice of playing cards used.
A Signature Deck, signed by your guests as a special memento.